Industry Q&A: Tracey Jardin

This Pleasant Holidays and Journese business development manager began working in the industry in high school — and she hasn’t looked back By: Ashley Burnett
Tracey Jardin and Journese // © 2016 Pleasant Holidays
Tracey Jardin and Journese // © 2016 Pleasant Holidays

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My interest in the travel industry stems from being born and raised in Hawaii. I always tell people that the travel industry is “in my blood.” My first job in high school was at a local restaurant on Maui, and I’ve worked in hospitality ever since.

My favorite thing about working with travel agents is twofold. First, I love their passion for what they do. They love to see new places and experience new cultures, and some of them are truly citizens of the world. Second, travel agents are genuinely caring and scrupulous people, and I love being a part of sending their clients on a short adventure or a trip of a lifetime.

I wanted to become a part of Pleasant Holidays because despite being in an industry where professionals seem to change companies every three to five years, longevity of employment matters to me. I was impressed that Pleasant Holidays has staff members who have worked there for 20-plus years.

Travel agents may not realize that Pleasant Holidays’ business development managers are true destination resources. As individuals, we may not have been to all of the destinations that our company sells, but as a team, we are a well-traveled group that is also supported by a company with 59 years of travel knowledge and experience. If I don’t have firsthand familiarity with a specific destination, I am connected to someone who does.

Agents I work with should know that I genuinely have a desire to be a part of and to support a travel agent’s success. If agents are successful, then I am successful. I take the time to get to know each agent so that I learn how to best work with him or her. I also call myself “Ms. iBDM,” because in my business bag I have an iPad and two iPhones. I know that unplugging is popular right now, but being connected is just as important.

My favorite Pleasant Holidays offering is the Private Retreats in Europe that Journese, our luxury brand, offers. I’m also very excited about the castle accommodations now available from Pleasant Holidays in our newest destination: Ireland.

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