Nexion Holds First Marketing Symposium

Agents receive hands-on learning from experts By: Kenneth Shapiro
Nexion launched a new marketing conference for agents. // © 2017 Getty Images
Nexion launched a new marketing conference for agents. // © 2017 Getty Images

The Details

Host agency Nexion held its first-ever Master Marketing Symposium June 20-22 in Minneapolis. Educational opportunities included classes from industry experts in marketing, public relations and social media. As a final project, attendees developed and presented a marketing plan for a fictional business and received on-site coaching from marketing experts.

Why It Matters:
Marketing is one of the most important skills for travel agents to master. Symposium participants sharpened their techniques and in-depth industry knowledge in order to strengthen their businesses and better serve their clients. Participants formed small groups and were assigned a supplier-partner executive to guide them on how to create the most successful marketing plan for their mock businesses.

Fast Facts:
- Master Marketing Symposium attendees represented a wide variety of Nexion members, from new travel agents to those with years of experience in the industry. 

- Each supplier expert provided detailed insights based on their own areas of specialty, which allowed the attendees to learn what was needed for a strong plan. In addition, Master Marketing Symposium attendees networked with supplier executives during the Marketing Zone portion of the program. 

- Attendees were also able to make appointments with Nexion’s on-site marketers to take advantage of the overall organization’s marketing expertise for services such as branding and logos, writing effective emails, lead generation profiles and building content for social media.

- The member attendees will have access to follow-up online coaching from Nexion and industry experts, as part of their participation in the Master Marketing Symposium. 

What They Are Saying:
“Marketing can be a challenging subject for travel professionals,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, president of Nexion. “Our members know it is a necessary part of achieving business success, but exactly how to go about it can be perplexing. The Master Marketing Symposium was designed to give our members a strong foundation of marketing excellence, and provide them with tactics that they can use in their own businesses immediately.”

“The Master Marketing Symposium was by far the best hands-on training experience I have had. While we are a team, we are still independent contractors that need to thrive in a competitive landscape. This program not only gave me tools, but also taught me how to use them,” said LouLu Lima, a Nexion member. “Running your own successful business requires that you are aware of how to become successful — it’s not all just luck. It’s about strategy, networking and doing things the right way. Nexion’s Master Marketing Symposium gave me all that in spades.”

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