Signature and Classic Vacations Form New Partnership

The joint venture allows agents to easily book pre- and post-cruise packages online By: Emma Weissmann
A new partnership should help agents book pre- and post-cruise trips. // © 2015 iStock
A new partnership should help agents book pre- and post-cruise trips. // © 2015 iStock

The Details

Classic Vacations

Signature Travel Network

Signature Travel Network has teamed up with Classic Vacations to offer agents a new way to book pre- and post-cruise vacations for clients. Travel advisors can select either prebundled packages or customize the vacations for their clients online through Signet or via Classic Assist.

Why It Matters:
In addition to the increased revenue from adding a pre or post package, this joint venture gives Signature travel advisors an easy and time-efficient way to combine the resources of two agent-focused companies. This end-to-end technique also goes beyond the initial booking, as agents can further customize a client’s itinerary by using Signature’s Travel Pocket Consultant.

Fast Facts:
- Training materials for travel advisors interested in the opportunity is available on both Classic Assist and Signet.

- After selecting packages online, agents also have the opportunity to further involve the client in the experience by sharing pre- and post-cruise offers with them and allowing them to book directly on their own through a private label website.

- Agents can use Signet to peruse itineraries from Classic’s extensive database.

What They Are Saying:
“Classic Vacations is providing Signature a unique end-to-end solution that will save the consultants time, increase revenues, and provide a real value for travelers,” said Alex Sharpe, president of Signature Travel Network.

“This is a real game changer,” said David Hu, president of Classic Vacations.

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