Southmobile Offers Clean Energy Transport in Chile

A new wine country option has visitors driving green in search of Chilean reds

By: Mindy Poder
<p>Visitors can tour Chile’s wine country in a unique vehicle. // © 2017 Southmobile</p><div></div>

Visitors can tour Chile’s wine country in a unique vehicle. // © 2017 Southmobile

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The Details

South Expeditions

Busing or driving from winery to winery? You’re doing it wrong — think of the environmental impact (not to mention the wasted Instagram opportunity). Now, clients can explore wine country in a hybrid vehicle that’s equal parts attractive, unique and sustainable

Only available in Chile’s Colchagua Valley, the two-passenger Southmobile from Quito-based South Expeditions looks like a 1950s Formula One race car but operates completely on clean energy (including human-powered pedals and an electric motor). And since founder Juan Rodriguez came up with the idea after noticing the wine region’s abandoned train tracks, the car features wheels that can handle multiple terrains. 

Four-day trips featuring the Southmobile will begin in February 2018.

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