The Growing Power of Agents Specializing in Family Travel

Family travel is a top market for travel agents By: Kenneth Shapiro
Shapiro // © 2017 TravelAge West
Shapiro // © 2017 TravelAge West

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Last month, Scott Wiseman, president of Travel Impressions, delivered the keynote speech at the Caribbean Tourism Marketing Conference in New York. Addressing the topic of multigenerational travel, Wiseman explained that although adventure travel and ecotourism are trending, Google searches for terms such as “best vacations for kids under 10,” “inexpensive family vacations,” “baby-friendly vacations,” “family trip ideas” and “family vacation ideas with toddlers” were the top search trends in the surging family travel category.

Wiseman concluded his remarks with a message on the importance of the travel agent distribution channel, noting that suppliers won’t find a better vehicle for shifting market share.

As the power of agents expands and family travel continues to become more important, suppliers and organizations across the industry are looking for ways to leverage both. The Family Travel Association, for instance, is launching a new membership category for advisors. It plans on rolling out an agent membership program and a resource center for agents in the coming months and is looking to connect with travel advisors in a number of ways, including agent training, accreditation and more.

If you’re an advisor who sells family travel, now is the time to seize on these trends and make sure that suppliers are going above and beyond to meet your business needs. Family-focused agents are in an ideal position to take advantage of current trends by insisting that companies step up to meet the higher expectations of today’s demanding multigenerational groups. 

By combining your expertise with the creative offerings of top suppliers, there is no limit to how much this market can grow.

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