Tourism Updates in Nepal, One Year After Earthquakes

Tourism Cares’ Nepal Recovery Fund highlights recovery and renewal tourism efforts By: Mindy Poder
Visiting Nepal is one of the best ways travelers can aid in its recovery. // © 2016 iStock
Visiting Nepal is one of the best ways travelers can aid in its recovery. // © 2016 iStock

The Details

Tourism Cares has published an update for its Nepal Recovery Fund, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015. The fund, which received $90,000 in contributions, has helped create best practices for effective voluntourism, crisis preparedness and management training for tour operators in partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association; a 2016 Meaningful Travel Map to Nepal; and much more.

Why It Matters:
Though the travel industry has rallied behind Nepal’s recovery, the rebound has been slow. Some 487,000 Nepalis depend on tourism, which contributes up to 10 percent of Nepal’s GDP. The best thing travel agents can do — besides travel to the country themselves — is to inform interested clients about this unique historic time to visit the country, which will also help contribute to its recovery.

Fast Facts:
- The 2016 Meaningful Travel Map of Nepal points to reasons why this year is a unique time to visit Nepal, including the opportunity to visit Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trails, especially in the rebuilding regions of Langtang and Gorkha, as well as opportunities to learn about the recovery and how craftsmen are restoring monuments with Social Tours.

- Tourism Cares promotes traveling to Nepal with tour operators that are significantly contributing to Nepal’s recovery, such as Intrepid Travel, which is donating 2015 and 2016 profits to Nepal rebuilding; World Expeditions, which raised more than $190,000 for Nepal and is offering two give-back trips this fall; Ace the Himalaya, which has a partnership with NGO Sambhav Nepal; as well as G Adventures, Crooked Trails and Myths & Mountains.

- Share the map with clients here:

What They’re Saying:
“This is a very special window of opportunity for travel to Nepal,” said Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares. “Not only can clients experience the natural and cultural wonders that Nepal has always offered — for a limited time they can also experience the extra meaning and inspiration that comes with the recovery. The chances for having a ‘life changing’ experience in Nepal have never been greater.”

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