Trafalgar Launches New 'Good Life' Campaign

The new initiative includes a redesigned Europe brochure, a new web booking engine and more

By: Emma Weissmann
Trafalgar recently introduced a new travel agent portal. // © 2017 Getty Images
Trafalgar recently introduced a new travel agent portal. // © 2017 Getty Images

The Details

Trafalgar recently introduced its “Good Life” campaign, which includes a redesigned Europe and Britain brochure, an enhanced web booking engine, a new travel agent portal and a consumer call-to-action that aims to direct business to the travel advisor. 

Why It Matters:
This announcement is a huge vote of confidence for travel agents who sell Trafalgar. Not only does the initiative reaffirm the global tour operator’s commitment to advisor partnership, but its consumer call-to-action discourages direct-booking methods that so often hurt an agent’s business. Enhancements to the operator’s technology and new booking tools will also ensure that agents are up to date on the company’s products and offerings.

Fast Facts:
- The 2018 reimagined Europe and Britain brochure features several new tours, including Best of Norway, Wonders of Italy, Great Iberian Cities and Berlin Explorer.

What They Are Saying: 
“We’ve looked at the research and more and more, people are seeking connectivity, opportunities to absorb themselves in family, friends and community,” said to Melissa da Silva, president of Trafalgar USA. “You lead the Good Life when you are in relationship with what matters most to you and we are taking people there. Previous brochures led with destination and price, but no longer. Today, we’re helping agents take their clients along on a journey. This is a more natural and we think productive way to build relationship and ultimately, sell. We know that agents are critical to our success, and so it’s imperative that we prepare our partners well. Today that means data-driven storytelling, content that sends leads to their doors and the technical ability to convert a strong lead to a sale quickly.”

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