Travel Leaders Launches New Program

Outsourcing sales and marketing should help members control costs By: Kenneth Shapiro
Travel Leaders’ Associate agencies can now outsource sales and marketing. // © 2015 iStock
Travel Leaders’ Associate agencies can now outsource sales and marketing. // © 2015 iStock

The Details

Travel Leaders

Travel Leaders recently announced that its Business Travel Center of Excellence will offer Associate agencies a new program — Travel Leaders Outsourced Corporate Sales and Marketing — designed to assist them in increasing their client base without the overhead costs of a fully staffed, in-house sales and marketing team.

Why It Matters:
By outsourcing sales and marketing efforts to Travel Leaders’ marketing and sales team, Associates can instead concentrate on service. Nearly 20 Associates are already committed to the program, which will officially launch in early 2016. Participating agencies will receive ongoing content marketing, lead scoring, prospect qualification and nurturing; a new digital newsletter to engage prospects; a branded profile on the website; social media postings and reputation management to boost awareness; and ongoing sales pipeline management to maximize resource focus.

Fast Facts:
- Travel Leaders is one of America’s top 10 travel companies.

- Travel Leaders just held their annual national meeting in Orlando, Fla.

What They Are Saying:
“Given how highly competitive TMCs are, it’s essential to either maintain your own sales and marketing team or have access to one that’s committed to ensuring a constant flow of prospective new corporate clients,” said Roger E. Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group, home to Travel Leaders Associates. “Travel Leaders’ Outsourced Corporate Sales and Marketing program offers dedicated resources that will significantly increase our Associates’ marketing efforts, fill their prospect pipeline, close new sales, and accelerate the growth of each agency’s business.”

“By utilizing Travel Leaders Outsourced Corporate Sales and Marketing program, our Associates will gain additional, high-quality sales and marketing expertise. Our agency owners will no longer have to devote time and resources toward recruiting, hiring, managing and compensating a full, in-house, sales staff or maintaining various digital marketing solutions and campaigns,” said Michael Boult, vice president of the Business Travel Center of Excellence. “However, for those who wish to employ their own sales staff, this program will complement their efforts by acting as a powerful lead-generation engine, working alongside the Associate’s existing sales team.”

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