Travel Leaders Unveils New Social Media Tool

Members of Travel Leaders Associates can now share the brand’s posts directly from their social media accounts By: Emma Weissmann
Travel Leaders members have a new social media tool. // © 2016 iStock
Travel Leaders members have a new social media tool. // © 2016 iStock

The Details

Travel Leaders Network

Members of retail travel brand Travel Leaders Associates will now be able to share pre-generated posts on their own social media platforms, thanks to a new tool that’s accessible only to member agencies. The service was announced at the 2016 Travel Leaders National Meeting in New Orleans earlier this month.

Why It Matters:
The launch could be a game-changer for agents who may not be reaping the benefits of a strong social media presence. Accessible via a password-protected, proprietary database, the online tool offers a sampling of prewritten posts that feature various news items, promotions, destinations and partners. Not only will this provide Travel Leaders’ agents with exclusive, high-quality and targeted content that can be customized to suit their needs, it will also create more loyalty and engagement among followers and is a gift for members who may not feel comfortable generating content of their own.

Fast Facts:
- Database content is optimized so that agents can repost photos and text onto their own social media profiles, rather than sharing from the Travel Leaders platforms.

- Content will be a mix of original posts and trending and relevant news items from other outlets.

- Additional news from the conference includes the announcement that print publications Inspired, Bucket List Vacations and Postcards will be available to Travel Leaders Associates members in 2017.

What They Are Saying:
“We know that user engagement is of the highest value when it comes to both lead generation and client loyalty and retention,” said Roger E. Block, CTC and president of Travel Leaders Network. “Also, increased sharing of content through social media channels will increase our travel agents’ visibility and highlight their immense value with the traveling public. Since our Travel Leaders Associates are in the travel business, not the content-generation business, we — as an extension of their agency — have increased the resources we provide to them, so that they can easily improve their social media content and effectiveness with minimal effort. The goal is to increase members’ public profiles and social media footprints, while maintaining their core competencies in providing the best-in-class customer service their clients are accustomed to on a daily basis.”

“The content provided, whether it is through social sharing or high-quality, printed publications, allows our Travel Leaders travel agents to add to their standing as the prime authorities within the travel industry, while increasing their reputations for being the ‘go-to’ resources for travel information that extends beyond consulting and planning travel arrangements,” said Stephen McGillivray, CTC and chief marketing officer for Travel Leaders Group. “In addition, we will enhance non-promotional blog content available on to attract consumers and generate new leads from prospective travelers. Overall, in 2017, we will increase our B2C engagement sales opportunities for our Associates. They will be able to choose from more than 200 individual opt-in promotions — an increase of 35 percent over 2016.”

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