Jack E. Mannix to Retire

Mannix will step down as chairman of The Travel Institute By: Michelle Juergen
Mannix // © 2015 The Travel Institute
Mannix // © 2015 The Travel Institute

After five years as chairman of The Travel Institute board of trustees, Jack E . Mannix is stepping down from his position to retire. Brian Robb, principal at The Robb Aspect, will step in as chair, and Gary Pollard of Ambassador Tours will become vice chair.

Mannix, founder and principal of consulting firm Jack E. Mannix & Associates, helped grow The Travel Institute significantly in the depth and breadth of its products and programs.

“I am pleased with how The Travel Institute has stayed true to its education mission, yet is always evolving to stay relevant and always ahead of the curve to set the training, learning and certification standards in our ever-changing business,” Mannix said. “It’s an honor to have played a small part in its success in several ways over the years.”

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