Tzell Adds Agent Showcase to Website

The new feature will better promote the company’s travel advisors By: Valerie Chen
Tzell ramps up agent promotion on its website. // © 2015 iStock
Tzell ramps up agent promotion on its website. // © 2015 iStock

The Details

Tzell Travel Group

Tzell Travel Group has launched a new feature on its website called Agent Showcase, which endorses a number of the company’s travel advisors. Currently, its data bank only includes individuals from Tzell’s New York and Los Angeles offices; however, any Tzell agent can participate in the optional program.

Why It Matters:
Visitors to Tzell’s website now have three ways to find their ideal travel agent match: choose a travel type, pick a supplier or type a travel interest, destination or other keyword into the search box. Each resulting profile of an agent or agency includes not only direct contact information and a description of services and expertise, but also a fun Q&A and a gallery of personal photographs. By offering insight into the travel agent community in a creative, easygoing way, Tzell further humanizes the travel-planning process and enables agents to establish an authentic connection with potential clients. 

Fast Facts:
- More profiles will be added regularly.

What They Are Saying:
“Tzell’s extraordinary travel agents are our heart and soul,” said Barry Liben, CEO of Tzell Travel Group. “We confidently tell our clients, ‘Our agents’ level of knowledge and skill take you beyond your destination 24/7.’ By adding ‘Agent Showcase’ to, we’re placing our very best front and center with consumers, beginning with our New York and Los Angeles offices. We’re always striving to create better access for clients and agents, and Agent Showcase breaks down barriers and helps develop an instant connection with clients. Clients can immediately access a particular Tzell agent’s expertise and get a feel for their personality, experience and incredible passion for travel.”

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