Updates Its Agent Technology

The company announced new features to its AgentMate app By: Valerie Chen recently announced an AgentMate app. // © 2016 iStock recently announced an AgentMate app. // © 2016 iStock

The Details

At its recent 18th annual conference and trade show held in Hollywood, Fla., announced new features for AgentMate, its agent technology tool.

Why it Matters:
AgentMate first launched back in 1994 but has since evolved into a fully integrated business operating system — especially thanks to its newest features. In addition to launching an AgentMate app, which makes business and client management easier and more accessible for on-the-go agents, has also updated the program with a communication management solution. Agents now have streamlined access to automated and customizable messaging, which can assist in enhancing client relationships.

Fast Facts:
- Nearly 300 agencies are using AgentMate.

- AgentMate is available for all members.

What They Are Saying:
“The tremendous advantage we have with AgentMate is our ability to add new functionality, so this proprietary tool continues to evolve,” said John Lovell, president of “This allows our members continue to be at the forefront of technology, and it offers solutions for all facets of their businesses. The new features will help owners and travel agents change the way they think about client management. We are especially excited about the AgentMate app, which means that our travel agents have complete and unfettered access to client information, making it quick and easy to enhance each customer experience, no matter where in the world our agents happen to be.”

“The benefit to all our member agencies is that AgentMate can greatly improve how they balance their time and resources,” said Jose Ferreira, chief technology officer of Travel Leaders Franchise & Leisure Group and The system helps streamline tasks so agents can focus on meeting their clients’ needs. Through AgentMate and ongoing enhancements to this robust technology tool, our travel agents and agencies will continue to reap the benefits of building customer relationships and finding opportunities to develop leads more efficiently.” 

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