Virtuoso Launches New Hotel Booking Tool

The platform will give clients an alternative to ‘do-it-yourself’ travel booking By: Emma Weissmann
Virtuoso’s new booking tool provides a one-stop shopping experience. // © 2017 iStock
Virtuoso’s new booking tool provides a one-stop shopping experience. // © 2017 iStock

The Details

Virtuoso advisors and their clients can now book stays at about 75 percent of the organization’s preferred properties by reserving them through a booking tool launched earlier this month. Online reservations made by existing Virtuoso clients will be transferred to their respective advisor, while reservations from first-time clients will be routed to a new advisor. All hotel stays are secured with Virtuoso rates and exclusive benefits, such as added on-site amenities. 

Why It Matters:
The new tool protects an advisor’s commission by connecting them with past clients; generates leads for new clients; and offers a “one-stop shop” with secure, 24/7 access to Virtuoso’s portfolio of hotels. The tool is also an alternative to OTAs and provides online convenience paired with the benefits and expertise of a trusted advisor. 

Fast Facts:
- The new tool will give clients access to approximately 900 participating luxury hotels worldwide.

- After the initial booking is made, a Virtuoso advisor will follow-up and service the booking, adding enhancements such as transfers, private guides and more.

- The added benefits of booking through Virtuoso will give travelers perks valued up to $450 and may include room upgrades, complimentary breakfast and more. 

What They Are Saying:
“Virtuoso’s new hotel booking tool is an advantage for travelers who have been suffering from DIY fatigue, and didn’t realize there was an alternative,” said Terrie Hansen, senior vice president of marketing for Virtuoso. “We’re offering them the convenience of online booking, but marrying it with the advantages of both our hotel program benefits as well as expert guidance. For many, this will be their first foray into working with a travel advisor and this hotel booking tool is a great example of how technology is actually helping bring travelers back to advisors. Virtuoso has always taken a leadership role in driving new business to our members and preferred partners, be it through sales initiatives or marketing and branding. This new hotel booking tool is another step towards converting consumers into valued Virtuoso clients.”

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