Virtuoso's Newest Agency Member Is a Mobile App

Agents who work for Lola connect to clients through the app By: Mindy Poder
Lola’s travel agents are supported by artificial intelligence. // © 2016 iStock
Lola’s travel agents are supported by artificial intelligence. // © 2016 iStock

The Details

Lola — a smartphone app that provides on-demand, personalized travel service — recently joined Virtuoso.

Why It Matters:
Founded by Kayak cofounder Paul English, Lola embodies the latest iteration of how agents and tech can collaborate to provide more efficient and personalized service. Lola’s real travel agents will be supported by artificial intelligence that can take care of constrained-choice recommendations, which will give agents more time to personalize itineraries. The app also caters to a younger demographic that prefers texts to phone calls and might not be using agents — yet.

Fast Facts:
- The Lola app instantly connects users to its team of travel consultants.

- The app allows for research of hotels and flights as well as agent consultations and on-the-ground support.

- According to Virtuoso, Lola is one of several agencies that are pioneering new ways to serve clients and which are attracting younger customers.

- Lola’s team includes 45 people.

- Lola is free for invited members, but the company plans to introduce an annual fee in the future.

- Download the app to get on the waitlist.

What They Are Saying:
“Lola is merging human interaction with technology in a smart and seamless way,” said David Kolner, senior vice president of Global Member Partnerships for Virtuoso. “This is a natural progression in our industry because it appeals to consumers who like the convenience of working with an advisor via an app or chat technology.”

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