Gearing Up for Adventure in Riviera Maya

Tips for what to bring to make the most of the experience By: Liz Robins
Skycycling at Hidden Worlds // (c) 2010 Hidden Worlds
Skycycling at Hidden Worlds // (c) 2010 Hidden Worlds

These tips will help clients make the most of their adventure-park experiences in the Riviera Maya.

Pack light.
Most parks have small lockers, but clients should leave valuables and any other unnecessary items at home for peace of mind and convenience. (Xplor is one park that takes photos throughout the day and offers them for purchase, making it unnecessary to bring a camera.) It’s a good idea to bring a small amount of cash for snacks and other purchases.

Layer shorts over a swimsuit.
If clients plan to get wet and zipline, it is best to arrive wearing a swimsuit with long shorts over it (for women) to protect legs from rope burn. Those concerned about getting cold in the water may want to inquire about wetsuit rentals. (It can get a little chilly in the cenotes.)

Wear the right footwear.
Comfortable water shoes or sneakers that dry quickly are ideal, as they offer more traction and a secure fit for a variety of activities compared to flip-flops.

Keep the water clean.
To avoid polluting cenotes and other water, most parks require biodegradable varieties of sunscreen and insect repellant (both are essential). Showering before getting into the water is also required at some places.

Protect the head.
A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen go a long way toward protection against too much sun.

Play it safe.
Paying close attention to safety instructions and wearing required gear for various activities is the best way to stay safe and enjoy the adventure, carefree.

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