Bird-watchers Celebrate With Springtime Festivals

A number of annual birding festivals are on Alaska's calendar By: Emily McManus

The Details

Cordova Chamber of Commerce

Stikine River Birding Festival

Bird-watchers from around the globe are preparing for the spring season in Alaska, and a number of annual birding festivals are on the calendar for this year’s season.

In Alaska’s Inside Passage, the Stikine River Delta is an important stop of the Pacific Flyway for some of the largest concentrations of snow geese, sandhill cranes and eagles in North America. The Stikine River Shorebird Festival will celebrate the return of feathered friends with festivities held April 28 through May 1. The four-day event features a number of wildlife and birding expeditions, and events are scheduled for all ages and interests.

The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival is another stop for clients to observe the hundreds of thousands of shorebirds that visit the area each May. In Cordova, bird lovers can attend numerous workshops and community events from May 5-8. The four-day festival shows clients the beauty of Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta along with continued environmental  education about the area.

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