Kayaking Around Alaska’s Point Adolphus

Spirit Walker Expeditions offers a unique wilderness experience by kayak

By: By Mackenzie Maher

Whalewatching at Point Adolphus // (c) 2010 Spirit Walker Expeditions

Whalewatching at Point Adolphus //
(c) 2010 Spirit Walker Expeditions

IThe Whales Kayaking trip is the most popular guided wilderness adventure offered by Spirit Walker Expeditions. Ranging from a one-day paddle to a week-long camping adventure around Point Adolphus, Alaska, this trip gives clients the opportunity to view sea lions, harbor seals and humpback whales as along the shores of Chicagof Island, the northernmost of the major Inside Passage islands in Alaska. Occasionally, Humpback whales fully breach out of the water, making for a dramatic display of marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Among the many activities included in the kayak expedition, adventurers will be able to partake in fishing, photography and rainforest hikes.

The Whales Kayaking adventure is offered through Aug. 25. Kayakers should expect to paddle a distance of five to 20 miles, depending on the length of the expedition. Prices begin at $1,085 and include all charter transportation, two-person kayaks with all the necessary gear; emergency communication, signaling and first aid equipment; all meals; water bottles; two-person tents; sleeping bags and pads; and rain gear, should it be needed.

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