Sea Kayaking in Whittier

Prince William Sound Kayak Center offers a superb kayaking adventure out of Whittier Harbor

By: By Christopher Batin

Prince William Sound Kayak Center offers a quick, yet superb kayaking adventure located out of Whittier Harbor, about 50 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska. The 28-year-old tour operator begins its Kittiwake kayak excursion a short, two miles from the Whittier Boat harbor.

I’ve passed this rookery many times, and the number of birds there in the summer will impress birders and kayakers alike. The scenery is spectacular, and you can rent the kayaks for do-it-yourself tours, fishing or exploring. Designed for people who are new to ocean kayaking, a guided day tour typically starts at $160 per person. Tours are commissionable.

Prince William Sound Kayak Center


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