Five Things to See in Arizona

Explore Arizona Tours suggests some of the best sites in the state

To guide visitors, tourists and residents alike who want to see and experience all the state has to offer, Explore Arizona Tours released a list of its top five recommendations. While the Grand Canyon draws visitors from around the world, the tour company has added places that visitors will find uniquely Arizonan.

1. The Grand Canyon: while it isn’t the only amazing sight in the state, it is amazing. No would try to deny that fact. It’s one of the “Wonders of the World” for a reason. It’s absolutely wondrous.

2. Cactus: The barrel cactus is symbol of Arizona that is best experienced in its natural environment. Taking a desert tour provides plenty of opportunity to see a wide variety of barrel cacti in the open.

3. Nature Hikes: the chance to take an amazing hike (regardless of difficulty level) is something that can be found throughout the state. For instance, the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix, AZ, offer great day trip opportunities and certain areas of the Santa Rita Mountains are recognized as some of the best birding locations in the nation.

4. Ghost Towns: Arizona holds a lot of “Old West” history.

5. Caverns and Caves: One of the various opportunities to explore the underground sights is through visiting such places as Kartchner Cavers State Park.

Tyson Bailey of Explore Arizona Tours suggested, “We like booking visitors for multiple tours; not just for the obvious reason that it’s good for the company, but because they get the full experience and go away happier. That means they’re more likely to come back to visit Arizona again.”

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