Hot Springs Offer Winter Warmth around Colorado

Located throughout the state, hot springs have a lot to offer winter visitors to Colorado By: Kelly Rosenfeld
Glenwood Hot Springs // © 2012 Glenwood Hot Springs
Glenwood Hot Springs // © 2012 Glenwood Hot Springs

The Details

Colorado Tourism

Colorado’s hot springs have created legends of healing, adventure and relaxation for years with mineral-rich waters all over the state. This variety of rustic and refined hot springs can be found in both remote and easily accessible locations, providing a perfect opportunity for visitors to warm up this winter.

For those seeking solitude, Conundrum Hot Springs are located at the end of an eight-and-a-half-mile-long trail and reward hikers with beautiful views and two hot spring pools. Places such as Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs also offer a more private experience, with views of the San Juan Mountains and a hot tub fed with 105-degree natural spring water. 

If crowds aren’t a problem, Glenwood Hot Springs is one of the biggest and most improved hot spring pools in the world, featuring two blocks of swimming pools, a therapy pool, a diving pool, a kiddy pool and a waterslide. Similarly, Old Town Hot Springs offers eight spring-fed pools, two waterslides, a fitness center, exercise classes and massage. Visitors can also explore many other hot springs options around the state for fun, relaxation and natural scenery.