Honolulu Earns Top Rank

City ranked as the top city in the nation for lowest tax burden for travelers

A study conducted by the National Business Travel Association and the American Economics Group, Inc., found that  travelers to Honolulu paid the lowest in travel taxes than anywhere in the nation. Furthermore, the Honolulu International Airport was at the top for the lowest travel tax burden at airport locations.

In general, visitors to Honolulu paid less for general sales taxes for such things as hotel rooms, car rentals and dining.

The study was based on data gathered from 50 cities in the U.S. with the highest number of airline passengers. It looked at how much travelers paid in taxes for staying in a hotel, renting a car and eating in a restaurant for one day and one night.

"This is just another great reason why Honolulu and the Hawai‘i Convention Center makes sense as a destination for meetings and conventions," said Joe Davis, SMG general manager of the Hawai‘i Convention Center. "In these times of economic uncertainty and high costs, paying less in taxes comes as a relief to visitors of our city."

In Honolulu, the total tax burden for one day was $21.45. According to the study, the tax rate for meals and car rentals was 4.17 percent each, while lodging was 11.42 percent. 

In comparison, Orlando totaled $26.16; San Diego $30.50; Las Vegas $30.82; San Francisco $33.25; and Seattle $38.70. Taxes in Chicago, which was listed as the highest, totaled $42.44 per day.

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