Waikiki Ocean Club Launches Aqua Quads

Motorized boats provide one-of-a-kind Hawaii fun
Waikiki Ocean Club launches Aqua Quads // (c) 2012 Waikiki Ocean Club
Waikiki Ocean Club launches Aqua Quads // (c) 2012 Waikiki Ocean Club

The Details

Waikiki Ocean Club

Waikiki Ocean Club has expanded its offerings to include motorized Aqua Quad boat rides in the waters of Waikiki. One or two riders can power the craft on their own, enjoying independent mobility and safe fun.

With six of the boats in its fleet, Waikiki Ocean Club is currently the only Hawaii company to offer the Aqua Quad experience.

Aqua Quads are classified as rigid inflatable boats that measure 11 feet in length and weigh 165 pounds plus the 20 horse power motor. The trimaran or multi-hulled design provides better stability than a jet ski and while not as fast, they are easy to operate and maneuver.

“We could have purchased jet skis at a lesser cost, but the Aqua Quads offer a wider body for a more stable ride and better control,” said Waikiki Ocean Club president Lee Collins. “No experience is necessary for a completely safe and exciting experience.”

Moored 300 yards off the Waikiki coastline, Waikiki Ocean Club offers an array of ocean-related activities including snorkeling, paddle boarding, helmet diving, kayaking and scuba diving. Water trampolines, multi-level diving platforms, slides and water toys are also available. Half-day rates at the club are $49 per adult and $39 per youth, with full-day rates of $89 and $69.

For 30-minute Aqua Quad sessions, the cost is an additional $59 for a single rider or $40 per person for a tandem ride. Drivers must be 16 years or older and riders must be at least 13.

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