Idaho Rafting Company Targets Multi-Gen Travel

Far and Away Adventure rafting tours offers a new educational program for children By: Hans Weidman
Kids get a hands-on experience with Far and Away Adventures. // © 2011 Far and Away Adventures
Kids get a hands-on experience with Far and Away Adventures. // © 2011 Far and Away Adventures

The Details

Far and Away Adventures

Rafting trips along the Salmon and Bruneau rivers range from approximately $2,300 for children and $2,590 for adults.

Mountain Adventure Tours
Far and Away Adventures is building on its private family river rafting charters with a fun, educational experience for children. Teaming up Mountain Adventure Tours of Ketchum, Idaho, Far and Away Adventures entertains children who are part of a multigenerational rafting trip with a nature-focused program, called “Enviro-tainment.”

“I feel that kids, especially the youngsters age 4 to 8, learn best in a setting where they’re actively engaged in something they enjoy doing,” said Mathew Gershater, owner of Mountain Adventure Tours. “Older children, may learn about safety programs, how to administer first aid in the wilderness and technical aspects of being outdoors, such as how to read the weather or the flow of a river. They are also engaged in leadership games which may lead to empowering them to help the staff with younger children.”

The rafting tours address the needs of the whole family as well. While parents enjoy wine and appetizers before dinner, the children eat early, play games and do crafts. Later in the evening, the whole family gathers around a bonfire to share their experiences and to hear stories told by the guides.

“Our focus is on placing that passion and curiosity into the hands of trained professionals who love working with children and letting them work their magic with youthful energies,” said Steve Lentz, owner of Far and Away Adventures. “Just as we seek out and engage the finest purveyors of camp amenities, food and wine, our guests relax knowing their children are being guided creatively through the natural environment.”

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