Montana Awareness and Travel Intent Up in 2010

Recent marketing campaigns have shown positive results
Chicago bus wrap // (c) 2010 Montana Office of Tourism
Chicago bus wrap // (c) 2010 Montana Office of Tourism

The Details

Montana Office of Tourism

The Montana Office of Tourism received the results of a recent research study designed to measure the effect of its 2010 marketing campaigns. Conducted by Boulder, Colo.-based Leisure Trends Group, the survey compared awareness of Montana, travel intent and perceptions from 2009 through 2010 and revealed some key findings, including that Montana’s increase in spending led to an increase in awareness.

The survey showed that, after spending 28 percent more on key markets, awareness of Montana as a travel destination increased 36 percent over 2009 and awareness of Montana’s advertising more than doubled over 2009.

The increase in awareness also led to an increase in intent to travel to Montana. Target audience’s plans to travel to Montana increased 17 percent over 2009 and, in 2010, awareness of advertising more than doubled in Seattle, tripled in Minneapolis and increased 17 fold in Chicago. At the same time, national awareness held relatively steady.

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