Montana Travel Marketing Campaign

The national branding campaign aims to increase Montana travel By: Kelly Rosenfeld

The Details

Montana Office of Tourism

The Montana Office of Tourism (MTOT) is continuing its national branding and warm season key market campaigns to create higher demand for Montana travel.

The campaign is a year-round branding effort designed to keep Montana fresh in the minds of travelers during every season. Its major components include national print and online campaigns and a key market campaign including out-of-home, geo-targeted online, radio and television media.

The campaign focuses on the power of wildlife and scenery, integrating themes such as “Shaped by Glaciers,” “Shaped by Geysers” and “Shaped by Nature” to tell the story of Montana through the work of people whose lives have been shaped by the state. 

Key aspects include Montana’s unspoiled nature, charming gateway towns, relaxed hospitality and national parks.

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