New Montana Travel Planning Web Site

Real-life reviews range from unique experiences on the road and in the cities, to exhilarating journeys on the water and in the saddle

By: By Christine Trang

Enjoyable and inexpensive vacations require planning and preparation. For a trip through Montana or Wyoming, The TypeRider provides just that. Travel planners are offered a number of reviews on this Web site each month, ranging from unique experiences on the road and in the cities, to exhilarating journeys on the water and in the saddle. Each review will be archived and readily available at all times. Adding to the convenience is the site’s simple planning strategy. An interactive map with a monthly calendar will be displayed with events that couples, families and friends have experienced. Travel planners can opt between setting up a trip to match those described by the site’s writers, or use that information to modify the trip to their liking. There will soon be a search function so that travelers can select two-, three- or four-day trips, or trips that include specific travel destinations such as Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park or Little Bighorn Battlefield.

With the economy in its current condition, gas prices are almost always a concern for travel planners. At the end of every review, The TypeRider gives writers an option to identify the total mileage, fuel consumption and miles per gallon for the type of ride utilized, including motorcycles or car rentals. The site will also provide a mileage calculator, allowing travel planners to design their own trip knowing exactly how many miles they will cover in a given amount of days. For those who are unsure what to pack, The TypeRider also offers tips on what clothes to bring for either summer or spring. Dining options and lodging options are also available on the Web site.

For those who would like the newest stories and hottest tips delivered right to their computer, The TypeRider is coming up with the TypeRider E-Newsletter. Travel planners can sign up for this newsletter on the site and be eligible for prizes.

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