Business is Booming for Papillon Airways

Customized tours have led the way to Papillon Airways’ success By: Emily McManus

The Details

Papillon Airways
Papillon Airways, Inc. a flightseeing company based in Las Vegas, is having a record-breaking year with a nearly 40 percent increase for the first quarter of 2011. In March, the company’s revenue had grown more than 80 percent since last year.
Robert Graff, vice president of marketing for Papillon, believes that its success is due to the company’s consistency in putting the customers first.
“Any way the guest wants to experience the Grand Canyon or any of our other locations, whether it is by helicopter, airplane or coach, we have a mode of transportation that fits their desire, budget and timeframe,” said Graff. “Customers reacted strongly when we did away with packages last year, allowing them to customize their tours any way they saw fit. Combine that with rebounding international travel to Las Vegas, as evident with new nonstop flights to and from the U.K. and more, it’s made for a quarter that has surpassed any of our expectations.”
Clients can see some of the greatest wonders of the world on Papillon’s flights, and the company just revealed its new private tours originating from McCarran International terminal in Las Vegas. These helicopter tours showcase the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon as well as the opulence of the Las Vegas Strip. Along with the flight and tour from above, guests receive roundtrip, complimentary limousine service from most major hotels on the Strip and in downtown.
Papillon plans to announce more new tour opportunities this spring as well as simplified tours where clients can build personalized trips by adding desired experiences to a base package.

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