Santa Fe Poetry Jam

Poetry jam fueled by local poets, musicians and spoken word artists

On Thursday, April 16, Santa Fe’s The Lensic Performing Arts Center will host a poetry jam fueled by local poets, musicians and spoken word artists. Songs and poetry will be performed by Joan Logghe, Danny Solis, Madi Sato, Manuel Gonzalez, Rachelle Mechenbier, Idris Goodwin, Adan Baca, Carmelita Jaramillo and Rosalia Triana, among others. Following The Lensic performance is an after party with the performers and the Madi Sato Band at Fusion restaurant. All proceeds from the poetry jam at The Lensic and the after party at Fusion will go to CultureNet's Poets-in-the-Schools program. Ticket prices for both events are modest to encourage attendance. The poetry jam has a $10 general admission price, while it is $5 for students. However, at least 200 free tickets will be made available for students. The after party has $20 cover charge and includes complimentary hors d'oeuvres.

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