America’s First Sustainable Sushi Restaurant Debuts in Portland, Oregon

Bamboo Sushi serves innovative Japanese cuisine with consciousness to marine stewardship, sustainability, and the environment

Bamboo Sushi opened November 7, 2008 in Portland, Oregon as the first stand-alone restaurant in the United States serving certified sustainable sushi. Bamboo Sushi (formerly Masu East) and its owner, Kristofor Lofgren, are dedicated to serving innovative Japanese cuisine with the highest quality fish, meats, and produce, with the utmost consciousness to marine stewardship, sustainability, and the environment.

Bamboo Sushi serves eclectic Japanese cuisine featuring fresh produce and hormone-free meats sourced from local Northwest farms. Chefs make and prepare breads, sauces, and desserts from scratch each day as well as smoke selected meats and fish in-house. The menu offers an array of delicious vegan and vegetarian options, and the restaurant’s unique and extensive sake list is sourced directly from Japan.

Bamboo Sushi is the first stand-alone restaurant in the United States to be certified for the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) “Chain of Custody.” The MSC is the world’s leading certification and eco-labeling program for sustainable seafood. Under the MSC program, wild capture fisheries can become certified if they successfully complete assessment by an independent third party against a rigorous scientific standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Chain of Custody certification indicates adherence to strict traceability standards. Menu items from certified fisheries will be indicated by the MSC’s distinctive blue oval logo.

Bamboo Sushi is also partnered with several leading oceanic conservation organizations including Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute, Salmon Nation/Eco Trust, KidSafe Seafood, and the Seafood Choices Alliance. These partnerships provide the restaurant with cutting edge research and information about marine stewardship and sustainability. Utilizing all of this information from its different certifications and partnerships, Bamboo Sushi will be able to help raise awareness about environmentally detrimental fishing practices and sustainable alternatives, giving guests at Bamboo Sushi the opportunity to be both well informed and well fed.

Understanding that sustainability is multi-faceted, Bamboo Sushi is also the first sushi restaurant in the United States to become a Certified Green Restaurant™ by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). The GRA will provide environmental consulting, education, and certification to assist Bamboo Sushi in continually improving their environmental practices and ensuring their adherence to sustainability through rigorous annual audits.

Bamboo Sushi is located in an intimate, modern, and sophisticated 2,000 square foot space at the corner of Pine Street and Southeast 28th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The restaurant includes a full service sushi bar, sake, beer, spirits, and wine bar, and dining room.

The restaurant offers catering and is available for private parties and events.

Dinner is served seven nights a week from 5:00pm – 10:00pm. In addition, Happy Hour will be offered Monday – Friday 5:00pm – 6:30pm. The restaurant’s address is 310 S.E. 28th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214.

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