From Ace Hotel: Bikes, Pillows and Minibars

The hotel has revamped its bike program with a new fleet of six Otis commuter bikes

Swobo Bike at Ace Hotels // (c) 2009

The Ace Hotel features a new fleet of six
Otis commuter bikes.

Free loaner bikes have always been available at Ace Hotel in Portland, but now the hotel has revamped its program with a new fleet of six Otis commuter bikes. Customized by various Portland bike shops, each two-wheeler is different. They're all easy and fun to ride, and the hotel offers a variety of sizes.

In other Ace Hotel news, the property has added a two-inch hypoallergenic feather pillow topper, plus more pillows, to the beds in all of its deluxe rooms. The mattresses themselves are natural latex rubber, which are comfortable as well as eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, Ace has partnered with local distillers House Spirits (makers of Aviation gin) to stock its minibars with limited-edition artisan spirits. Clients who want to really take advantage of their minibar offerings can get a cocktail kit including fresh citrus, bucket of ice, cocktail shaker, jigger and martini glasses, plus cocktail recipe cards designed by the master distillers at House Spirits.



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