Travel Oregon Launches All-Digital Edition of Magazine

Travel Oregon has introduced the first all-digital version of its publication, Travel Oregon magazine

Travel Oregon has introduced the first all-digital interactive version of its flagship publication, Travel Oregon magazine.

Designed to engage consumers in the Oregon brand and travel experience, the new digital magazine tells five seasonal stories using rich media. The content — pictures, videos, interactive maps, itineraries and narratives — can be shared via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

With the online format, readers can dive into the experiences of the writers: likeminded "super" travelers with special expertise in an Oregon tourism niche such as outdoor adventure or culinary travel. They can interact with authors via blog entries and comments, follow their routes, view details on destinations and attractions visited, and plan their own Oregon adventures using the authors' interactive maps and itineraries.

"The digital magazine inspires readers with compelling stories and photography like the print edition did, but new interactive tools give us the chance to really engage visitors," said director of consumer marketing Kevin Wright. "We'll get immediate and frequent online feedback which will allow us to be hyper-responsive to travel interests and trends and more effectively promote Oregon as a destination."

According to a 2008 study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, approximately 90 million American adults use the Internet to plan travel, with 76.4 percent of online travelers planning leisure trips online. For those online travelers involved in travel planning, the Internet is the dominant source for travel information and is used as the primary tool for planning the entire trip.

The interactive magazine joins the ranks of Travel Oregon's print publications -- Oregon Trip Planner and Scenic Byways Driving Guide -- plus three e-newsletters and multiple boutique Web sites dedicated to Oregon's niche travel interests.

Travel Oregon Magazine


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