Travel Salem Unveils Absolutely Oregon

New brand spotlights the best of what Oregon has to offer

Travel Salem Logo // (c) 2009

Travel Salem has formally launched a new brand identity that represents the culture and history of the Willamette Valley. The campaign also strives to position the Salem area as a premier travel destination.

Absolutely Oregon

Located in the heart of Oregon, the Salem area highlights the best of what the state has to offer.

Oregon is home to great attractions, events, outdoor recreation, agriculture, and arts and culture, many of which are found in abundance in the Salem area: A lively downtown surrounded by historic buildings, museums, and attractions; a beautiful and natural environment ideal for outdoor recreational activities; and unique festivals and events showcasing the vibrant and diverse community.

Oregon is recognized worldwide for being clean, green, innovative and progressive. Salem further embodies those principles by by attracting environmental and energy related companies to the area.

"We wanted to capitalize on the great diversity and vibrancy that Salem possesses," said Angie Morris, chief executive officer for Travel Salem. "Salem is clean, green, and rich in diverse products and recreational opportunities. Its also the capital city, which is very significant to the region and a great point of interest for visitors. Theres a little bit more Oregon here in Salem than anywhere else," said Morris.

"The [look of the new] logo is meant to be sparse and sophisticated but convey the richness of our region," said Morris.

Specific Components

Travel Salem's new logo consists of several components that symbolize the overall concept of the brand:

• Dancer: Salem is a culturally significant city with a diversity of arts (performing, visual, etc.). These elements are woven into the community and are part of what shapes this city. Salem is active with one-of-a-kind events and activities.

• Urban Landscape: As Oregon's capital city, Salem is a bustling community with diverse jobs opportunities.

• Buildings: Salem has a lively downtown, a vibrant travel destination that embraces its historic assets.

• Mountains and River: Salem is nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by mountains and rivers. The city itself embraces its "green" principles and features many outdoor recreational opportunities.

• Crops and Wine Country: Salem enjoys a strong partnership with the wine country. Agriculture is very much a part of this urban city which delivers a solid bounty.

• Absolutely Oregon: As Oregons state capital, the Salem area absolutely represents Oregon. It is in Salem where state laws take shape, and where Oregon's first provisional government was formed.

• Colors: Sage green represents the environmental and outdoorsy aspect of the region. Gold represents the Capitol (gold pioneer) and maroon represents the vibrancy and richness of the Salem area.

• Font: The flowing and scripted font for Travel conveys life, excitement, art, movement, and vibrancy. Salem has a bold and prominent font, demonstrating how the region takes itself seriously as a premier destination.


Travel Salem is a non-profit organization that promotes Salem and Marion and Polk counties for leisure tourism and convention and event business. The local annual economic impact of the greater Salem area visitor industry is $511.8 million. Travel Salem manages the Official Salem Area Visitors Center currently located at Mission Mill Museum (until January 31, 2009 then located at 181 High St. NE, Salem) and the Official Salem Area Website


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