New eWaterways Agent Loyalty Program

EWaterways offers a new incentive system for agents By: Claire Makepeace
EWaterways’ new Agent Loyalty program rewards agents with experience packages. // © 2010 EWaterways
EWaterways’ new Agent Loyalty program rewards agents with experience packages. // © 2010 EWaterways

The Details

For every new cruise booking made with eWaterways, agents will now receive Agent Loyalty points that they can exchange for exciting experience packages. The Agent Loyalty Program is operated in partnership with Excitations, a leading provider of experience gifts. Agents can choose from a wide variety of experience packages that range from whitewater rafting lessons to a full day of pampering at a top spa.

To start collecting points, agents must register online at Once an agent collects a cumulative booking value of $750, it will receive five points. After reaching a cumulative booking level of $1,500, agents receive 10 bonus points plus five extra points; from there, an agent can earn more points for each cruise booked. Because the average eWaterways booking is valued at $2,250 per person, two bookings could potentially garner a substantial experience gift.

Points can be redeemed once agencies reach a level of 60 points, 160 points or 310 points.

With cumulative bookings worth up to $7,500, agents will receive 60 points, the level for which they can earn a green package experience. Possible green package experiences include scuba diving for two and outdoor rock climbing. With eWaterways bookings worth up to $15,000, agents earn 160 points and will qualify for the purple package level, which includes experiences such as a flight in a helicopter and fly-fishing. With 310 points earned from cumulative bookings worth up to $22,500, agents qualify for the red package, the highest level. This allows agents to choose from gifts that including yacht racing, an in-home wine-tasting party and more.

EWaterways will also continues to offer a Best Price Guarantee whereby the company will match the best possible price for all cruises. The Agent Loyalty program will run through November 2011.
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