Red Mountain Resort Offers Fitness Packages

Visitors can get bikini-ready with Red Mountain Resort’s fitness programs By: Skye Mayring
Utah’s Red Mountain Resort is a full-service destination spa with daily fitness activities, hiking and biking. // © 2012 Red Mountain Resort
Utah’s Red Mountain Resort is a full-service destination spa with daily fitness activities, hiking and biking. // © 2012 Red Mountain Resort

The Details

Red Mountain Resort

This summer, Southwest Utah’s Red Mountain Resort is offering several programs designed to shape the mind, body and spirit. With activities ranging from outdoor adventures, to physical fitness programs and workshops, the award-winning resort is an ideal place to shape-up during the lazy days of summer.

“At Red Mountain Resort, we encourage guests to achieve their health and fitness goals,” said fitness manager Kim Watters. “During their stay, guests are able to experience endless fitness with daily classes and workshops taught by our energetic staff. Guests learn about healthy lifestyle changes that will last much longer than their stay.”

Visitors to Red Mountain Resort can participate in a variety of activities and packages designed to improve their health and fitness, including:

Personal Training Starter Kit
$79 per person
Guests will receive a private 90-minute training session by one of Red Mountain’s experienced fitness professionals, along with a personalized exercise program to continue at home.

Weight Loss Toolbox Add-On
$450 per person
With this healthy add-on, guests can incorporate what they learn at Red Mountain and build the foundation for a successful long term change. The add-on includes one 80-minute nutrition assessment, one 60-minute Metabolic Profile Assessment & Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) Analysis, one 50-minute personal training session and one heart rate monitor and journal. Additionally, guests’ toolboxes will be filled with a plan for the next 12 weeks.

Water Workouts
included with resort packages
When guests are ready to hit the pool they will have plenty of options as the resort offers a number of fitness opportunities in the water. From strengthening and firming muscles during aqua strength workouts to the cardiovascular exercise, Water Walking, there’s a water workout for all fitness levels. 

$119 per person
Visitors can take in breathtaking views of Southwest Utah while experiencing an upper body workout when they opt for a kayaking trip. This adventure will take guests to local lakes where they can spend four hours exploring and unwinding on the water. 

Adventure Mountain Biking
$159 per person
Guests can hit the trail as Zion Rock & Mountain Guides lead the way on this incredible adventure. Regarded as a favorite among biking enthusiasts, the Bear Claw Poppy Trail complex, an off-road, single-track mountain biking area, offers a mix of both technical and aerobic challenges that fitness buffs can enjoy.

All activities can be added on to the resort’s popular Fitness Intensive Retreat Package, which starts at $295 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. The package includes seven nights in a deluxe guestroom, specialty fitness classes, a 90-minute fitness consultation, a 50-minute metabolic profile and resting energy expenditure analysis, a 50-minute personal training session, a 60-minute heart rate workshop with a take-home heart monitor and a 50-minute Sagestone Red Rock Hikers Massage. 

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