Ancestry Travel Makes an Impact

Arranging ancestry travel for clients can be a rewarding experience for agents, too By: Kenneth Shapiro
Shapiro // © 2016 TravelAge West
Shapiro // © 2016 TravelAge West

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Do you know how to sell ancestry travel?

People in the travel industry sometimes remark that one of the reasons they love their job is because they are helping make travelers’ dreams come true. Indeed, many of our most rewarding and happiest experiences happen when we travel, and planning a person’s ideal vacation gives travel agents the opportunity to participate in — and often create — these memorable moments.

While vacation planning can be a rewarding profession in itself, arranging heritage travel, which is the subject of this issue’s cover story, “The Tree of Life,” can take an agent’s job satisfaction to the next level.

As you can read in the story, due in part to websites such as, there is a growing interest in genealogy. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs, an individual’s DNA can now be analyzed cheaply and easily, providing even more insight into a person’s heritage and further stoking an interest in learning about the important locations that make up a family’s history.

A travel agent who can help his or her clients find out more about their family’s past is not only sure to bond with clients, but also feel the joy that comes from aiding others on such a meaningful quest. This is especially true when clues to a person’s heritage are lost due to some past tragedy — whether because of war, natural disaster or family events. By helping them overcome these obstacles, an agent will feel even more connected to their clients.

In the cover story, you can read inspiring examples of heritage travel. Feel free to send your success story to, and we’ll share that on our website and social media platforms.

Despite the rhetoric we might hear from politicians and pundits, we are indeed a country of immigrants. Nearly all of us can trace our family to some faraway land, and it makes sense to want to visit that place at some point in our lives. Fortunately, travel agents are standing by — ready to help families undertake this personal and rewarding journey.

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