Travel Agents Can Help in Troubled Times

In dark times, clients may need to be reminded of the positive effects of travel By: Kenneth Shapiro
Shapiro // © 2017 TravelAge West
Shapiro // © 2017 TravelAge West

I have a button in the top drawer of my desk that reads: “Travel is good.” It’s from a campaign launched several years ago by the Southern California chapter of ASTA that was designed to encourage people to travel again at a time when the perceived headaches, hassles and fear associated with going overseas seemed to be at their height. I took the button out of my drawer recently because I like the simple reminder that, at its core, promoting travel is a worthwhile endeavor that brings happiness to people. It reminds me that even when the world is at its darkest, travel is something that provides joy. It brings individuals from all around the world closer together and inspires optimism for our collective future.

Many people I talk to these days tell me they are in a near-constant state of worry about our world — they walk around with heavy hearts and knots in their stomachs. Travel has the potential to alleviate anxiety and reinvigorate the spirit, but with so many negative headlines bombarding us, taking a vacation might be the last thing clients are thinking about. You can do them a favor, however, and make sure that the idea of a winter escape is still on their radar. Otherwise, before long, the accumulated stress — combined with those cold, dark days of winter — might manifest itself in a negative way. 

Plus, with the news coming out of the Caribbean and Mexico, in particular, the guidance of travel advisors is more important than ever. One tool that can help agents is a map of the Caribbean on, a website created by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and Tourism Cares. The map shows the islands that have been affected by the hurricanes and those that were out of harm’s way. Even a quick look reveals how much of the region remains unharmed and ready to receive visitors.

If you haven’t reached out to your clients lately, this might be a good time to remind them that you care about their well-being, that there are plenty of places in the world where they will be received warmly and that you stand by ready to help. In short, let them know that travel is, indeed, good for us all.

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