Seattle’s Hotel 1000 and IdentityMine Partner to Launch Customized Interactive Hospitality Experience

Guests can now engage in this unique experience by visiting Studio 1000, adjacent to the hotel lobby

Hotel 1000, a downtown Seattle luxury accommodation and leader in hospitality IT, has partnered with user-experience company IdentityMine to release one of the first customized versions of the latest Microsoft Surface applications. IdentityMine designed, developed and installed the customized applications for Microsoft Surface specifically for Hotel 1000.  As a result, guests can now engage in this completely unique experience by visiting Studio 1000, adjacent to the hotel lobby.


Microsoft Surface offers a unique way of interacting with technology and digital content without having to use a mouse and a keyboard.  With a 30-inch display in a table-like form factor, individuals or small groups can interact with digital content in ways that feel familiar and more collaborative.  Microsoft Surface simultaneously recognizes dozens of movements such as touch, gestures and actual unique objects that have identification tags similar to bar codes. Guests of Hotel 1000 are able to engage intuitively with various entertaining experiences by the touch of their fingers.  The following features are available on Hotel 1000’s customized version of Microsoft Surface applications:


--Concierge with a local flavor.  The virtual concierge offers hotel guests 100 points of interest for the downtown Seattle area, including restaurants, museums, parks, landmarks and other must-see attractions near Hotel 1000.  Custom push pins were created to denote each point of interest, and the Microsoft Surface is connected to a networked printer for easy production of directions, maps and other visitor information.


--Photos and Videos.  Guests can view and interact with photos and videos by browsing previously loaded albums.  Hotel 1000’s Microsoft Surface is also loaded with Card Reader, which allows guests to insert memory cards from their own digital cameras, while vacationing or on business in Seattle.  This feature is also a beneficial tool for the Hotel 1000 staff to provide an interactive sales experience.


--Music Sampler.  Guests can listen to an array of music, including sampling local sound and artists.  Hotel 1000’s Microsoft Surface application can load up to 100 albums.


The partnership between IdentityMine and Hotel 1000 on the Microsoft Surface platform was ideal for both parties, who are each focused on improving user experiences within the hospitality sector.  The Hotel 1000 team’s vision and commitment to continually provide groundbreaking and enabling experiences for their guests fit perfectly with IdentityMine’s dedication to utilizing the latest technologies to improve user experiences.


“Investing in this customized version of Microsoft Surface application enables us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our guests a more interactive and entertaining experience,” said Denny Fitzpatrick, general manager of Hotel 1000. “Exploring our city becomes more collaborative for our concierge and our guests.  They can have fun with this exciting and enabling new technology while also learning about Seattle.  The custom application on our Microsoft Surface is yet another example of our commitment to provide the best and the most current hospitality technology opportunities to guests of Hotel 1000.”


Boasting a multi-million dollar technology infrastructure, Hotel 1000 features state-of-the-art services and personalized guest room amenities, including an intelligent private bar, touch screen VoIP phones, user-friendly ambiance controls and 40-inch LCD televisions with virtual surround sound and dual performance capabilities as computer screen, digital art gallery and Satellite radio.  The installation of the customized Microsoft Surface experience is another example of how the hotel is revolutionizing the hospitality industry with service-enabling technologies.


 “It is important to appreciate and take notice of the value proposition of quality user-experience as it relates to hoteliers attracting and retaining guests,” says Mark Brown, IdentityMine CEO. “These experiences leave a lasting positive impression on guests, which ultimately leads to repeat stays and recommendations to friends and family alike.”


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