Seattle Convention Center Gets 'Greener'

Seattle's Convention Center Offers Nation's First 100 Percent Compostable Water Bottles

The Washington State Convention & Trade Center (WSCTC) in downtown Seattle announced today the availability of the nation's first completely compostable water bottles available for convention center clients.

The center's new, .365 liter water bottles are made from corn-based resin (PLA) and the entire bottle, cap, label and contents are 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. By contrast, traditional petroleum-based resin water bottles take up to 5,000 years to decompose.

Traditional water cooler machines and other options will continue to be available, offering expanded green services and products and flexibility to convention center clients.

"The new compostable bottles will be very popular with convention and exhibition groups," said Michael T. McQuade,Director, Sales & Marketing of the WSCTC." Our clients continually ask for more and better green meeting options and we are dedicated to that cause."

During the past 20 years, the Washington State Convention & Trade Center has demonstrated an industry-leading commitment to recycle, reduce and reuse. In addition to compostable water bottles, the WSCTC offers its convention clients 100 percent compostable drinking and coffee cups, bamboo plates and birch or bamboo cutlery.Last year, the convention center recycled 174 tons of cardboard, 186 tons of mixed paper, plastic and glass, 2,460 pounds of aluminum cans and 12 tons of scrap metal.

The Washington State Recycling Association presented the WSCTC with the 2008 Recycler of the Year Award - Public Agency. The award is given to a public agency that "eads by example, creating programs that effectively increase recycling and waste diversion." The center also received the 2007 Community Service Award by the Washington Society of Association Executives for its ongoing efforts to use and promote Washington's agricultural products.

The WSCTC incorporates composting into its daily catering production and retains the services of Cedar Grove Composting, the largest single dedicated yard waste composting facility in the United States and the only one to offer its compost-based soils for sale. Cedar Grove transforms food waste, wood waste and other matter into nutrient-rich compost that has attracted a loyal customer base in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The company also composts the WSCTC's three acres of outdoor gardens.

Recent WSCTC renovation projects have included the installation of more efficient lighting fixtures and more efficient heating and cooling throughout the building. The center is currently undertaking the necessary efforts to achieve LEED - Existing Building Certification.

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