Snohomish Tourism Touts New Guides

Bureau expands distribution to two seasonal guides for 2012
Snohomish Ferry // (c) 2012 Snohomish Ferry
Snohomish Ferry // (c) 2012 Snohomish Ferry

The Details

Snohomish County Tourism Bureau

For 2012, the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau is publishing not one but two new travel guides.

In order to provide more seasonal information for visitors, the bureau is creating a spring/summer guide followed by a fall/winter edition. Each guide will have a distinctly different cover and the content will be adjusted for seasonal activities, events and photographs.

Moving from the traditional rack card size, the new visitors guide will be showcasing Snohomish County attractions, communities, restaurants and activities in a new, larger format providing opportunity for more visual impact.

Guides will be distributed at seven locations at the Seattle airport as well as all county and state visitor information centers. Travelers can also find them in all Seattle, Bellevue and Snohomish County hotels and at visitor information centers in neighboring Oregon.

The guides will contain a few new features including a detailed listing of major events, state ferry information and highlights of key attractions in Seattle.

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