Historical and Geographic Discovery in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Visitors can enjoy the area’s historic sites, natural wonders and museums By: Kelly Rosenfeld
White Mountainn petroglyphs // © 2012 White Mountain
White Mountainn petroglyphs // © 2012 White Mountain

The Details

Sweetwater County

Sweetwater County, Wyo. invites travelers to discover the past through its many historical and geographic offerings.

Historic sites include a natural exhibit of petroglyphs on White Mountain; Expedition Island, where visitors can relive Major John Wesley Powell’s expeditions to map the river systems to the Grand Canyon; Historic South Pass, including museum, cemetery and old cabins marking an old mining town; and the town of Reliance, built by the Union Pacific Coal Company and featuring a coal tipple.

Those interested in natural offerings can explore Lake Flaming Gorge, the remnants of a prehistoric lake, or Killpecker Sand Dunes, the product of ancient volcanoes. Other options include miles of still-viable pioneer trails including the Oregon Trail, and a number of stunning rock formations.

For indoor discovery, Sweetwater offers three museums: Rock Springs History Museum showcases coal mining and multinational heritage, Sweetwater County Historical Museum offers photographs of the county’s history and the Natural History Museum houses life-size dinosaur replicas, fossils, pottery and prehistoric artifacts. 

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