Renovation Complete on West Yellowstone's Union Pacific Pylon

Pylon received new lease on life By: Janeen Christoff
Union Pacific Pylon // © 2010 Yellowstone Historic Center
Union Pacific Pylon // © 2010 Yellowstone Historic Center

The Details

Yellowstone Historic Center
The Union Pacific Pylon in West Yellowstone has received a new lease on life. The Yellowstone Historic Center received a grant of $10,000 from the Union Pacific Foundation of Omaha, Nebraska, to complete the renovation of the pylon. The pylon, located on the south side of Yellowstone Avenue just east of the entrance sign to Yellowstone National Park, was in need of repairs and painting. The two terracotta shields on the pylon were completely stripped of old paint, and the many cracks and voids that resulted from 80 years of exposure to Montana weather were filled and smoothed. New paint that matches the colors of the Union Pacific Railroad's red, white, and blue was applied to the shields to return them to their grandeur of times past.

The pylon was built in 1929 as part of Union Pacific’s plan to improve its signage and visibility in West Yellowstone. Everyone entering or leaving the park passed by this massive stone structure. The pylon was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood who was also the architect of the Union Pacific Dining Lodge in West Yellowstone.

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