6 New Heart-Pumping Tours for Active Clients

6 New Heart-Pumping Tours for Active Clients

Book clients on a kayaking tour of Italy, a cycling tour of Newfoundland, a science excursion in the Amazon and more By: Michelle Juergen & Camille Frigillana
<p>Search for endangered snow leopards on a 13-day tour in India. // © 2017 andBeyond</p><p>Feature image (above): Millennials can travel to Peru in...

Search for endangered snow leopards on a 13-day tour in India. // © 2017 andBeyond

Feature image (above): Millennials can travel to Peru in 2017 with Geckos Adventures. // © 2017 iStock

Adventure travel can take many forms. A snow leopard safari, a “citizen scientist” project in the Amazon and a biking tour of Newfoundland are just a few of the options available to those looking for a heart-pumping, off-the-beaten-path experience.

Here are a few of our favorite new offerings.

Encounter Snow Leopards in the Himalayas
Clients can search for the endangered snow leopard in India’s Himalayan region of Ladakh with luxury experiential travel company andBeyond. The 13-day Snow Leopard Expedition will take guests through Ladakh, where they will witness the dramatic landscape; visit monasteries; interact with a Ladakhi family; and learn about snow leopard conservation efforts.

In addition to searching for the elusive animal — which is endangered due to poaching, habitat loss, retaliatory killings and climate change — clients can expect to see wildlife such as ibex, Tibetan antelopes, blue sheep, shapo, marmots and Tibetan hares. They will also be able to spot birds such as snow partridges, golden orioles, snow cocks, golden eagles, horned larks and red-billed chuffs.

The trip will be led by a Ladakhi guide who is an expert on snow leopards and the cultural heritage of the region.


Become a Citizen Scientist in the Amazon
Rainforest Expeditions, a Peruvian ecotourism operator, recently launched Wired Amazon, a “citizen science” program. The collection of field projects will allow on- and off-site community volunteers — dubbed citizen scientists — to contribute to long-term research and conservation efforts in Tambopata National Reserve, located in the Amazon Basin of southeast Peru.

Initial projects include “Aerobotany,” where clients review aerial photos of the rainforest from their homes; and “Discover a New Species: Barcode Tambopata,” where guests can help researchers build a DNA library by analyzing field data and cataloging rare insect species.

The new Wired Amazon projects can also be combined with soft-adventure activities from Rainforest Expeditions’ new A la Carte program.


Sea Kayak in Italy
Thanks to a new 10-day tour from sea kayak tour specialist Tofino Expeditions, clients can visit two bucket-list destinations in Italy this year. During the Kayaking Venice and the Dolomites itinerary, travelers will kayak through Venice’s Grand Canal and explore the city’s historic districts. In Venice, clients will stay on peaceful San Giorgio Maggiore Island, lodging in waterfront rooms at Compagnia della Vela Venezia, one of Italy’s oldest yacht clubs.

Guests will also explore the spectacular Dolomites mountain range and engage in activities such as kayaking on Lago Centro di Cadore; Lago Santa Caterina near Cortina d’ Ampezzo; and Lago Misurina, as well as hiking in the Tre Cime di Lavaredo mountain range in northeastern Italy.


Head to Canada With Butterfield & Robinson
Arctic apparel company Canada Goose has teamed up with luxury operator Butterfield & Robinson to launch the Canada Goose Adventure Trip to Newfoundland.

The four-day tour, which runs from June 8-11, will start with a flight to Fogo Island, where guests will have a guided island hike to familiarize themselves with the area. They will then have the chance to board a boat to view the different glaciers and abandoned settlements. Guests will also jig for cod, forage for wild food and learn how to row a traditional wooden punt boat. The price of the trip begins at $5,495 per person.


Geckos Adventures Offers New trips for 2017
Geckos Adventures, the youth brand of Intrepid Travel that targets 18 to 29 year olds, is now offering new trips to Canada, South America, Africa and the U.S.

The nine new millennial-focused trips include safari-style tours in several African countries; a Best of Canada tour that takes clients to places such as Banff and Whistler; an adventure through the Andes in Ecuador and Peru; and U.S. itineraries that highlight the East and West coasts.

More information on the new tours can be found online.


Exodus Travels Launches New Serbia Tour
Starting this May, Exodus Travels will begin its nine-day Serbia — Gem of the Balkans tour, where travelers will have the opportunity to visit and learn about the many cultural sites the country has to offer.

Highlights during the trip include a visit to Studenica Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a ride through the Serbian wilderness to Zlatar Mountain. Agents will also experience a trip onboard the Sargan Eight steam train through Mokra Gora Nature Park, visit Uvac Special Nature Reserve and take a boat ride along a lake.

The price of the trip begins at $1,595 per person and includes all accommodations, most meals, airport transfers and fees for activities. A detailed itinerary can be found online.


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