Travel Gear Review: BauBax Travel Jacket

Travel Gear Review: BauBax Travel Jacket

Trying out the so-called 'world’s best travel jacket' By: Michelle Juergen
The bomber jacket is intended for travelers. // © 2017 BauBax
The bomber jacket is intended for travelers. // © 2017 BauBax

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The Details

One of my least favorite parts of travel is figuring out where to put everything. I’m a light traveler; I usually bring only a carry-on and a small purse, no matter if I’m weekending in Miami or trekking through Siberia. So when I heard about a Kickstarter campaign for BauBax, “the world’s best travel jacket with 15 features,” my interest was immediately piqued.

I selected the bomber jacket style from the company — which raised nearly $9.2 million from some 45,000 backers for its line of travel wear — and tested it on a spring trip to Germany. The jacket’s passport and phone pockets helped make going through airport security more efficient, and on the plane, a neck pillow and an eye mask in the removable hood aided my attempts to sleep. Rather than needing to dig in my luggage for any small items needed in-flight, the inside iPad pocket proved a great spot to keep earplugs, a nausea band and even a book. 

Other features include built-in fingerless gloves; earphone holders; a zipper that doubles as a pen and stylus; and more pockets of varying sizes. Overall, the jacket both served as an additional carry-on of sorts and kept me warm on the plane and during my travels in rainy Frankfurt. 

While the bomber ($300) is a sturdier option for colder weather, it’s definitely hefty and can be cumbersome for those traveling in warmer climes. For something lighter, the company also offers blazers, windbreakers and sweatshirts with many of the same features.

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