Beachfront Bliss at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Beachfront Bliss at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Luxurious service and stunning vistas are hallmarks of the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui By: Shane Nelson
Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui’s newest offering is a Muay Thai kick boxing ring with ocean views. // © 2014 Four Seasons
Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui’s newest offering is a Muay Thai kick boxing ring with ocean views. // © 2014 Four Seasons

The Details

The Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

The Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most stunning oceanfront properties. Located on a former coconut plantation on a steep hill overlooking the ocean, this is one of the most impressive resorts I’ve ever experienced.

“A lot of our villas have coconut trees coming through the deck,” said Lubosh Barta, general manager at the property. “And some of them even come through the indoor space because the villas are built around the coconut palms. Not one tree was cut down during construction.”

Each of the 60 one-bedroom villas on the property also has its own swimming pool. And we’re not talking about a Jacuzzi-sized plunge space. You can actually stretch out in these pools and get a stroke or two of your butterfly crawl in before reaching a wall. 

The villas feature a wonderful design where each room, including the bathroom, can be opened toward the ocean and the outdoors completely, letting the jaw-dropping view, the sounds of the palm trees and the warm breeze wash over you, all with complete privacy. 

Beach fans will also love the white, sugary sand and the incredibly balmy ocean water at the Koh Samui Four Seasons’ beach. It’s tough to top the resort’s service down at the beach as well, where you’ll find a swimming pool, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant and a beach bar. 

Get in the Ring
The resort has recently added a new fitness activity for travelers interested in a no-nonsense work out with a cultural twist. Muay Thai kickboxing is available at a newly opened ring on the property with a stunning view of the Gulf of Thailand. 

“When you come to Thailand, instead of spending 45 minutes on a treadmill guests can head to the Muay Thai ring and enjoy an authentic experience while getting their fitness for the day,” explained Barta. “And believe me, 45 minutes of Muay Thai is much more demanding than even an hour on a treadmill.” 

Having spent 90 minutes during my last visit to Thailand working out with a pro at a Muay Thai gym in Bangkok, I can corroborate Barta’s assertion. Thai kickboxing is one of the wildest workouts I’ve ever been a part of, and man did I sleep well that night. 

“If you really like Muay Thai, our coach can take you to professional fights in the evening,” Barta told me. “We drive you there and you have VIP tickets, our coach explains everything to you, guiding you through the fights, and then offers a backstage tour of the boxing stadium. For people that are really interested in this traditional Thai sport, you can have a unique tour that nobody else offers.”

For travelers looking to cap off a Thailand visit, which will likely include a sensory overload in Bangkok and a spiritual journey through Chang Mai, a few days basking at the blissful Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is a wonderful way to end a vacation — and you can get a little kickboxing in for good measure. 

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