JetQuay Terminal in Singapore Airport

JetQuay Terminal in Singapore Airport

Singapore’s JetQuay Terminal offers a high-class welcome to visitors By: Norman Sklarewitz
250x250: The JetQuay lounge features extensive services for guests while they wait for connecting flights. // © 2013 JetQuay
250x250: The JetQuay lounge features extensive services for guests while they wait for connecting flights. // © 2013 JetQuay

The Details

JetQuay CIP Terminal

If you have high-end clients headed to Singapore, booking them with JetQuay services is a sure way to make a good impression. But most travelers have never heard of it.

JetQuay is a private airport terminal that was originally built at Changi Airport by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive VIP guests such as royalty, prime ministers and the like. A few years back, however, the terminal was privatized and renamed a CIP — Commercially Important Person — terminal. It now services all international airlines, as well as private jets, at Changi, offering three levels of service that make traveling through Changi Airport a breeze.

Jetside is at the top end of the service menu. With this service, a uniformed JetQuay representative greets clients as they exit the aircraft. Instead of proceeding to the usual immigration clearance area, guests are escorted directly to the tarmac below, where a Mercedes limo transports them to the CIP terminal.

Immigration processing takes place in JetQuay’s spacious lounge, and all luggage is brought to the CIP terminal. From there, the JetQuay concierge can arrange for transportation to hotels. If they have a connecting flight, travelers have access to the extensive facilities of the CIP lounge — including complimentary food and drink and free Wi-Fi access — while they wait.

Quayside is the next level of service. Arriving passengers are again met at the plane and bypass immigration but are transferred to the CIP terminal by electric cart. Immigration and processing is done in the lounge. Bags are also retrieved for guests at baggage claim and delivered to the CIP terminal for whatever further travel arrangement the guest wishes to make.

The third level of JetQuay service is called Gateway. Though essentially a “meet and greet,” it is a pleasant welcome and guaranteed to impress.

With any of JetQuay’s services, clients will travel in style and be treated to exceptional hospitality upon arrival in Singapore.

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