A Hotel in New Delhi Makes an Artistic Impression

The ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi entices guests with a myriad of options By: Janeen Christoff
ITC Maurya highlights Indian art. // © 2012 ITC Hotels
ITC Maurya highlights Indian art. // © 2012 ITC Hotels

The Details

The ITC Maurya Hotel takes its name from India’s golden age of art, culture and architecture. The hotel is located in the heart of New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave and has been home to heads of state, royalty and business leaders during their visits to the city. Befitting its luxurious clientele is an art collection that is unique and offers guests a sense of place. From the moment they arrive, guests are welcomed into the lobby by a paneled dome of a Chaitya (Buddhist Hall) and a painted mural that depicts India’s diversity. The property is also home to works of art from famed Indian artist M.F. Husain who recently passed away. Of particular interest to visitors is a gorgeous tapestry by the artist that hangs in the lobby.

While Indian art is visible throughout the property, rooms were designed with a different attention to detail. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the Maurya has a room category to suit every type of client. From executive club-level floors, stunning suite accommodations and comfort features, such as massage chairs in rooms, the hotel is well-suited to U.S. visitors who have traveled a long way to get to New Delhi. Rooms in the ITC One category, for example, feature butler service, massage chairs, ayurvedic room amenities (complete with instructions) and air purifiers in an allergy-free environment.

Furthering the hotel’s sense of place is its variety of dining options. ITC Hotels, known for its signature dining experiences, offers seven different dining and nightlife venues. By far the most popular is the award-winning Bukhara restaurant, where guests dine on traditional Indian cuisine from the North West Frontier. Dishes are prepared in a tandoor (clay oven) and guests eat with their hands (aprons are provided). Reservations are recommended here as the restaurant draws large crowds and has quite a local following.

In addition to Bukhara, guests can choose to dine at Dum Pukht. The restaurant offers a more gourmet dining experience with dishes inspired by the Nawabs of Awadh who were known for cooking over a slow fire in earthenware pots called deghs.

One of my favorite dining experiences at the hotel was at West View – The Grill. The rooftop restaurant offers stunning views of New Delhi and features contemporary Western cuisine cooked to order in a buffet setting. 

Guests can also head to The Pavilion, the hotel’s 24-hour buffet, Humble House, featuring Asian cuisine or enjoy a cocktail in the Golf Bar.

For relaxation, visitors can head to the hotel’s Kaya Kalp Spa, which offers a full range of treatments including Ayurveda rituals. There is also an outdoor pool with a sun deck.

Environmentally conscious travelers will like that all of ITC’s hotels are LEED-Platinum certified, meaning that buildings are energy efficient, utilize renewable energy, conserve and recycle water and preserve the surrounding environment. The ITC Maurya has installed revolutionary solar technology that uses the sun’s rays to heat water on the property. Its Paraboloid Solar Concentrator is one of the first in the hotel industry. 

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