Hotel Rates in Asia Rise in 2010

Asia welcomes economic growth by raising nightly prices By: Emily McManus
 Singapore // (c) 2011 jjcb
 Singapore // (c) 2011 jjcb

The Details

 Hotel Price Index announced its latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) report, stating that Asia hotels witnessed a 4 percent increase in room rates last year compared to the previous year. Despite the economic recession, American travelers have continued to frequent the continent for leisure and business travel — perhaps a sign of a strengthening economy. Room rates increased throughout Asia, but Singapore experienced the highest boost of the year with an increase of 33 percent. China also continues to attract travelers with a 19 percent rate increase and a majority of its cities have seen substantial increases each year, including Tung Chung, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Conversely, Beijing remained at a flat rate of a low 1 percent increase from 2009 to 2010.

“International travel for U.S. travelers has historically been to destinations such as Europe and Canada,” commented director of global merchandising strategy, Miguel Oliveira. “In the past two years, we’ve noticed a steady increase of U.S. travelers to Asia, and a subsequent increase in Asia’s room rates. This year, on the [Hotel Price Index’s] list of most visited international cities, Tokyo and Hong Kong took the eighth and ninth spots respectively. We expect to see more Asian cities making their way onto the HPI’s top international destinations for U.S. travelers as their economies grow, new hotels develop and tourism continues to increase throughout the region.”

Asia’s 4 percent increase brings the nightly hotel room rate average in the region to approximately $145.  

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