Korean Air Introduces New In-Flight Meals

New soup and rice dishes are offered on flights from the Americas and Europe By: Janeen Christoff
Korean Air is offering new menu items. // © 2012 Korean Air
Korean Air is offering new menu items. // © 2012 Korean Air

The Details

Korean Air is introducing new inflight meal options that showcase the tastes, textures and nutritional benefits of Korean food.

The new menu items — Dongchimi Soup and Nutritious Rice — are being offered to First- and Prestige-class passengers on flights to and from the Americas and Europe. Dongchimi Soup is a Korean noodle soup consisting of radish kimchi and red pepper. The piquant flavor of the soup and savory taste of the noodles work in harmony. Meanwhile, the soup’s digestive enzymes can have settling effects for long-haul traveler’s tummies.

Nutritious Rice is a rice medley with cooked autumn squash, chestnut, jujube, ginkgo, sweet rice, pine nuts and brown rice presented in an autumn squash cup. Dongchimi Soup and Nutritious Rice complement the Korean fare offered in flight. That might include galbi or bulgogi and a spread of side dishes. The airline also offers Chinese and Western meals.

Korean Air has become the first airline to serve Ghost Bock Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon in flight. The vineyard was recently recognized by noted wine critic, Robert Parker. The cabernet is being offered to First Class travelers on three North American routes: New York, Los Angeles and Washington. Korean Air has two daily flights from New York, three daily from Los Angeles and daily from Washington.

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