Welcome to the Nation of Why Not

Visit the Nation of Why Not a place like no other place on Earth

By: Sponsored content: Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean has seceded from land, and decided to start our own Nation. The Nation of Why Not, where everyone is encouraged to do something different and unroutine at every turn.

If guests can imagine it—or climb it, ice skate it, golf it, sing and dance it, or swim to it—they can experience it in the Nation of Why Not.

- Learn about Royal Caribbean's 21 state-of-the-art ships, 281 ports, and hundreds of incredible onboard and shore activities

- Find more information on the Nation of Why Not, and why Royal Caribbean continues to be the most incredible cruise line on Earth

Visit the Nation of Why Not now, then book your customers on a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation where they can experience life beyond the ordinary.


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