Fave Five Family Activities in Copenhagen

Cruise editor Marilyn Green becomes enchanted by Copenhagen and lists her Fave Five activities for children.

By: By Marilyn Green

Copenhagen for Kids // (c) 2009

Copenhagen is a joy for families

Copenhagen is a joy for families: It's charming, welcoming to children and filled with features that appeal to the child in everyone. Everyone loves the Little Mermaid, but there is so much to enjoy beyond her story of sacrifice for love.

The Experimentarium
The Experimentarium is a wonderful hands-on science museum in the attractive suburb of Hellerup. There are more than 300 experiments, from a sound and magnetism pavilion to a barefoot crawl through the Sensation Zone. One exhibition teaches spying and another allows humans to match their volume against a lion’s roar. Admission ranges from free for kids under 2 to $25 for those over 12.
www.experimentarium.dk (Danish only)

Tivoli Gardens 

Copenhagen for Families, Tivoli // (c) 2009


Much more than an amusement park, Tivoli is constantly transforming itself; its sparkling lights draw locals and visitors to eat, drink, sing and experience some of the parks mad rides. Fireworks celebrate summer and anyone who can pass up the fairy-tale carrousel and fresh-baked ice cream cones needs to regain a zest for life. However, off season in Tivoli is just as enchanting, and all the holidays between Halloween and Christmas find their place among the lights.

The Copenhagen Zoo
The Copenhagen Zoo is not only a delightful place where you never have to feel sorry for the animals, but it’s a great place for kids to meet children from Denmark, especially in the Children’s Zoo, where they can ride a pony, make the acquaintance of a snake or watch a cow being milked. The zoo couples beautiful architecture with the scrupulous care of animals. The new, partially submerged Elephant House has two large domes in the roof to bring in plenty of sunshine, and the pool constitutes the boundary between the Zoo and Frederiksberg Park where people can enjoy watching the elephants. Feeding times for the animals are listed at uk.zoo.dk/VisitZoo/Feeding%20times.aspx. Admission is free for children under 3 and $14 for kids through 11 years old, $25 for over 12.

Copenhagen Harbor Swim Baths
Active families can enjoy summer days at the beach or in the Copenhagen Harbor Swim Baths, established after years of work to make the water clean and pure. The baths are open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer. One of the most delightful experiences for families is Copacabana, located near the shopping mall Fisketorvet with a children’s pool, a diving pool and a regular pool; lifeguards are on duty. An alternative is to go to the beach at Amager Strandpark with its new artificial island and broad beaches, including shallow areas for children and a dedicated area for serious swimmers. By metro, it takes around 15 minutes to go to the beach Amager Strand Park and about the same amount of time by bicycle from the city center.

Deer Hill
Dyrehavsbakken, or Deer Hill, is generally considered the world’s first amusement park, with its roots dating back to 1583. It’s now a combination of old-time amusements, including five roller coasters, the most famous being the Rutschebanen wooden coaster, which dates from 1932. There are shooting galleries, slot machines, a circus revue, cotton candy and some remarkably good casual food, theatrical entertainment, cabarets and the adjoining lush lawns and majestic trees of Jægersborg deer park.

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